Investment in a new paradigm

Finance is always changing. And we call the winner the one who's most adaptable to that change. We're trying to make sure we don't miss every move every hour, from traditional finance to the fastest-paced Crypto sector. Persuing only for profit without embracing the change will eventually encounter limitations. The Hillstone Finance project attempts to revolutionize the traditional finance by adopting new technology—blockchain.

Based on the tremendous experience and know-hows in start-up incubation, mergers and acquisitions, and digital asset, Hillstone Finance will lead the change in finance.

Accessibility to Investment

Hillstone Finance aims to allow easy access to investment for every individuals. By achieving geographical and economic equalities in the closed financial markets, We offer a chance for individual investors to invest in investment products such as private equity that were not accessible before.

A Hub for Traditional and
Decentralized Finance

Hillstone Finance will serve as a bridge between the decentralized financial industry and the investment financial industry within the current laws and regulations, creating strong links to services that can be provided by decentralized finance. This will give time and examples for government agencies and financial institutions to consider moving toward decentralization, create industrial and legal divisions, and eventually help Hillstone grow into a fully decentralized comprehensive financial platform.


Hillstone Finance is backed by Hillstone Partners, which is a private equity firm founded by experts with more than 10 years of experience in financial institutions such as Samsung Asset Management, Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Mirae Asset, Dashin Securities, KTB, etc.. Hillstone has a professional network especially in IT and clean tech, and Hillstone’s PE fund portfolio is established in South Korea, China, Japan, and etc. We are building an investment platform to support other PE Funds and portfolios.

Hillstone’s core value lies on sharing innovation with everyone. We offer a chance for individual investors to invest in private equities that were not accessible before.


Hillstone Partners

M&A Advisory Business Boutiques



Innovation of Global Alternative Private Capital


Digital Assets

Most of lucrative funds such as private equities exclude retail investors. Those funds usually require high minimum investment. It also takes a significant time to obtain investment income since the liquidation of assets is difficult.

Hillstone Finance facilitates asset liquidation and allow individuals to invest in private equity by leveraging Hillstone Finance token—HSF. Using HSF, individuals and organizations can mobilize their funds during the investment period.

Investors is the first blockchain-based and asset-backed staking platform made by Hillstone Finance. In Investors, users can stake cryptocurrency in funds (for example, venture capitals) guaranteed by Hillstone Finance’s global selection team.



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HSF Token

Innovation of Global Alternative Private Capital



Investment in a new paradigm.

Financial・Blockchain Laboratory

Hillstone Laboratory has been working with local law firms, financial institutions, and block chain companies for the legislation of financial laws. Hillstone Laboratory has also held conferences on blockchain technology through the National Assembly, broadcasting, and media to spread the blockchain to fin-tech associations and local government. Hillstone Laboratory has been the most active company in terms of technology and legislation in Korea, and produced a lot of productive outcomes.

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